I’m Done Being Silent

I’m calling out the people who think Homosexual “marriage” is okay,especially the so-called Christians. We are not supposed to uplift the sin that the sinner is committing,in fact just the opposite. Not to say that we should hate the sinner, but to say that we should hate the sin,not the sinner. Not say what they do is good or moral.It’s not. I’m tired of hearing people say “they’re just born that way”, they’re not! You are either born a male or a female. I am done with not contending against this movement. Activists, get ready to have your cage rattled.


One response to “I’m Done Being Silent

  1. Right. Preaching that both teaches and gently conflicts us of our sin is actually loving and kind. Peter’s powerful sermon in Acts resulted in 3000 baptisms. I’m sure the average pastor now would call it insensitive though since he said they were all guilty of crucifying Jesus.

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