The Illuminati Secrets Of the Noah Movie And Its Twisted Gnostic View Of The Bible: Noah (the Movie) Reveals Illuminati and Gnostic Secrets, What is Kabbalah, Theologian Blast Hidden Meaning Of Gnosticism/Kabbalah in Noah Movie, And 14 Facts About Noah Ark You May Not Know.

These Christian Times

SCROLL DOWN FOR NEWS LINKS AND VIDEOS: Finally, we are beginning to see a satanic root taken place in the movie Noah. I talked to a fellow Blogger about doing an article on the Kabbalah not knowing what the finding could be. I had just finished reading a Breitbart piece on the Gnosticism hidden in the movie and began looking for information on it. This morning another blogger, Abundant Life Living did an article on the Noah movie about the hidden message of Gnosticism.  Here is a link for those who have seen the movie that may finally understand the Gnostic/Kabbalah connection of Noah. Apply this false doctrine to the main character of the movie and you will be able to see a connection. It all finally came together as I realized the hidden secrets of the movie. What was that secret? The secret was the twisted view of…

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