MISSING Boeing 777 Updates 4-1-2014: ‘Accept They’re Dead And Prepare For Their Funerals, Insurance Paying Out Families (Video), Wasted Time In Indian Ocean Hunt For MH370, Maintenance Report of Plane Cannot Be Release, A Search Gone Awry And Other Headline Summaries.

These Christian Times

SCROLL DOWN FOR NEWS LINKS: China has told the family of relative of FightMH370 to accept they are dead. A strong reversal from the stance they had 3 days ago, when they lashed out at the Malaysian government. As long as the plane is not found should give the family hope that the missing passengers are still alive. What makes matters worse is time is running out for the retrieval of the plane if it crashed into the Indian Ocean. Incompetence rules the day as the search continues.  Images of floating trash being mistaken for plane debris and searching for the plane in the wrong area should tell you that they know more than they are admitting. That plane cannot be at the bottom of the Indian Ocean. It was a hijacking and the actions of the Malaysian Government points to that fact. Please pray for the missing passengers and…

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