Russia Threatens To Turn USA Into Radioactive Ash, Retired US Navy Intel Officer Drops Bombshell on Ukraine (Video), And Thermonuclear Russian Roulette (Video)

These Christian Times

SCROLL DOWN FOR NEWS LINKS AND VIDEOS: A scary scenario is beginning to reveal itself in the Ukraine crisis as Russia threatens to turn the US into radioactive ash. This could just be rhetoric as a tactic to sway the thinking of the American public. It could truly be a warning to the American government to stay out of the Ukraine. I believe there could be a bigger Conspiracy afoot as some may not understand  the situation that could be spiraling out of control. A retired Navy intel officer just dropped a Nuclear Bombshell on the Alex Jones show, as he believes that we are danger of  nuclear destruction. We are truly at a precept of a global changing event. The world turns as Globalists seek to turn the planet on fire and rebuild it in their own image.


YAHOO NEWS: A leading anchor on Russian state television on…

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