Don’t Confuse God with the Wizard of Oz!


Forget Titanic and Avatar or even The Little House of Horrors. The best all time movie remains The Wizard of Oz.

You know the story. Poor Dorothy is whirled away by a cyclone only to land in the Land of Oz. Among other things, Dorothy encounters three misfits, the brainless Scarecrow, the heartless Tin Man and the cowardly Lion. Together they follow the Yellow Brick Road to find the terrible Wizard.

They enter the Castle of the Wizard in total fear. They tremble at the voice of the mighty ruler of Oz. Then they find that it is all a fa’§ade. The Wizard is a less than omnipotent man. But he is able to show each of the four pilgrims that they already possess what they wanted most.

Our loving God can do all of this, of course. Through His Son, He has given us the Gift of the Holy…

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