An invitation for YOU to join us fight abuse



With this blog, I would like to step up ChristianBlessings’ support of the ministry to the abused and against abuse,  which has been  initiated by ChristianBlessings’ prolific and gifted Contributor, SecretAngel.  I invite YOU and your networks  to join us in this effort to God’s glory and save some  and help recovery and healing from abuse.

Yes YOU are Special!

We need YOU

Abuse is everywhere and occurring every minute by or to someone you know.

YOU have several circles of influence

YOU can point them (abuser, victim, pastor, counselor, family or friend)   to Jesus Christ’s  deliverance and power of victory over abuse.

YOU can help someone  come to Christ

and make the difference to someone in need and suffering.

Let us achieve together for the Lord.

There are many ways YOU can be involved

Choose your involvement

Indicate ” LIKE”

and DO IT  for  the Lord today and everyday.


1. Purchase a copy for…

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