Christianity today

Life for Christians grows increasingly hard. They have the pressure from non-Christian friends and family to do things you know are wrong. They have the constant fight against the devil to do whats right. And then on top of all that, They have to sift out all that teachings of the modern day false prophets, such as the Emergent church movement, guys like Glenn Beck and Rick Warren, Jesus culture, and others. When the world looks upon Christianity today, most of what they see is people who claim to know God and Jesus, but don’t really know him. The rest of us get misrepresented by the seeker-sensitive churches that will have little to nothing do with the bible itself. going by what they think it says and means. Luckily, the Bible refers to just this subject. In 1&2 Corinthians the same type of false teachers tried to turn the new Christians to what they were teaching. In 1 John chapter 5,John tells us how we can know God.


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